The philosophical questions that interest me the most are those that make us think critically about how we live our lives, and how we connect with the world around us. Questioning life, indeed questioning our own lives, is I think, a common human trait – though how we go about our investigation is a deeply personal endeavour.  This process of self-discovery need not be academic, and for most people is not academic. For me it is.

I love reading the philosophers who, through time, think about and write about (and teach!) what it means to live well – both autonomously, and as part of broader communities. Thus I am drawn to both ethics and social/political philosophy.  Right now I read a lot of Nietzsche.  I’m drawn to what he introduces in The Gay Science IV as a desirable attitude towards life – the attitude that he desires to adopt towards his own life: amor fati (love of fate). So, I’ll name this blog ‘Amor Fati’ and, in time, I’ll use this platform to share and discuss what I take to be some interesting philosophical thoughts on life.

Though I may write the odd post here and there through the summer, I’m working towards regular posts beginning in the fall 2016.